Monday, December 5, 2011

Weekend Recovery?

Yesterday I wasn't able to blog due to the fact that I felt like crap.  Feeling better today, thankfully!  So I have noticed that when I feel like crap, I tend to want to binge & eat junk.  (not really the point of getting to feel better LOL)  During that *special* time of the month, not only am I dealing with that, my fibromyalgia tends to flare up causing me alot of pain.  My hubby, being the amazing husband that he is, decided to treat me by getting my favorite sandwich at Hardees.  Yep, the Big Ham & Cheese.  
This sandwich is ultimate comfort food sandwich.  Hot cheesy, hammy, sesame seed bun goodness.  So not only did I get that, but also the beer battered onion rings.  Wow...yeah.  Fast food therapy did me good.  AND I was a good girl and counted the points.  24 points total.  Thank God for flex points haha!  Needless to say, I enjoyed some cold cereal for dinner.

Occasional treats are fine.  Make sure that you count them, & don't go overboard, and remember to ask yourself if it's worth it.  Feeling like crap isn't a free pass to go off your plan or to eat whatever & however much you like.  If you do, when you feel better, you will regret it.  So, enjoy your treats, get some rest, & I will see you back at the gym soon. =)

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