Friday, December 2, 2011

Exhausting or Inspiring?

Exhausting or Inspiring?  This morning while I was at Curves, one of the older ladies working out said that she was going to move ahead of me (she was behind me in the circuit) because I was exhausting her.  She had made a few comments to me that I was going all out...well, I was.  =)  I said with a smile, yep, burning those calories & getting healthy!  She said at her age it's pointless.  So a few thoughts came to me.  1.  I was saddened because she thought her own efforts were pointless.  2.  She felt intimidated by my efforts, and didn't want to see me.  3.  Instead of feeling inspired or encouraged by my efforts, she was exhausted.  4.  At least she was there.  So if we look at the 1st reason, her own thoughts on her own efforts...feeling it was pointless.  I was saddened because it was a very negative way of looking at herself.  We must be ever mindful of well, our mind!  All success must 1st start in our thoughts, and those thoughts are carried out by what we speak and the choices we chose to act upon.  No matter how overwhelming the task ahead may seem, accomplish your goal 1st in your mind and the actual effort will be much easier.  There are enough forces out in the world trying to stop us from being all that we were created to be.  Don't let yourself be one of those negative forces.  The 2nd is that she felt intimidated by my efforts and didn't want to see me.  How many times do you see someone, whether in your personal life or on television, that is working hard to accomplish the goals in their life that you so badly want to accomplish in your own?  Do you push them out of your sight or turn the channel because it's to convicting of your own need to change?  Having the "out of sight, out of mind" principle in your life can be a good thing (like Christmas cookies, that bag of chips & dip, or that available credit card)  but it can also be a negative thing when you are trying to make a positive change in your life.  If I am wanting a closer relationship with God, I wouldn't put my Bible in the closet.  If I'm wanting to eat more fruit & veges, I'm not going to put them in the very back of the fridge.  Look at what you want to change in your life, & be sure that you are seeing your goals & any tools that may help you, many times a day.    Visual representations & reminders are very powerful!  3rd reason, do you look at successful people's efforts as exhausting & discouraging (because it is uncomfortably reminding you that you need to change?) or do you look at them as an encouragement & inspiration?  As a living example that one can change & succeed?  It's all about perspective.  4.  She was there.  Her thoughts may not have been healthy & positive, but at least she was there.  Change won't happen in your life if you don't take the necessary steps & efforts to get there.  Baby steps are better than nothing, and as we know babies don't stay babies forever.  They get stronger & more confident, just like you will.

Let today be the day that you challenge your own mind.  Ask yourself, are my own thoughts sabotaging what I want to accomplish?  Am I lifting myself up or am I tearing myself down?  Be that positive person that you deserve in your life.  No one else can think for you, so smile & tell yourself you are worth it & then go out & do it!

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