Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

Today was our 1st real snow of the season.  Every year, I get a child like excitement as I gaze with wide eyed wonder at the beauty of the falling snow.  I remember as a kid, when in school, everyone would get giddy as the snow started falling.  Thoughts of "how much will we get, will school let out early, or maybe we will get so much snow that we will have an official snow day tomorrow!!!"  Anyone who grew up in the Midwest, will certainly remember those nostalgic childhood feelings.

 While I was enjoying the new white landscape, I started thinking about how the "newness" of the snow will get quite old pretty quickly.  It's fun & exciting in the beginning of the season.  It's Christmas time & everything is festive, but come the 1st week of February, we all will be getting Spring fever pretty bad & wishing this white stuff away.  We will groan at the thought of more snow & no longer carry that child like excitement with seeing it.  Some of us may even be looking into a tropical getaway.  (or at least dream about one!)  What had once brought great delight, now brings great dread & inconvenience.  This got me thinking about other areas in life where we get the high of new only to shortly after for the newness to ware off.  We start a new diet, and are pumped & motivated & ready to eat healthy, only after a few weeks, we may back slide a bit & then end up looking for another "new" diet to give us that "new" high again.  The same is for working out, or shopping, or even that new Bible study.  When the new fades, so does our resolve & we seek to have it filled again and again.  There is a major problem with this though...true growth & maturity will not form.  Just as a baby learns to walk, there will be falls along the way.  She will fall, maybe even cry, but before you know it, she is getting herself back up & moving forward into reaching her goal.  You don't see her sitting back down after a couple tries & thinking, "you know, this walking thing is over rated, I think I'm just going to crawl everywhere."  We too, must keep our resolve, even when our motivation is lean or when we fall of the plan.  As you continue to stay on the right path, through the bumps & falls, you will grow stronger & ultimately, one day you will reach your goal.  You CAN do it!

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